VX150S | Velex Marine Sound System

$119.00 $109.50

VX150SW | Velex Marine Sound System

$118.00 $108.50

VX163S | Velex Marine Sound System


VX163SW | Velex Marine Sound System

$119.00 $109.80

VX150DS | Velex Marine Radio

$188.00 $166.30

VX150DSW | Velex Marine Radio

$178.00 $159.60

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Do not ground anywhere but to battery if installing on a boat!

The directions could of been a little clearer on the power wiring. Not Only does the Yellow and Red need 12 volts but the blue wire as well for the remote. Also, this has to be grounded to the battery or metal. For a boat, never ground to your metal hull!!! This unit cannot just be connected to a fuse block. Power maybe... but you’ll run your battery down fast with other things connected, but no way can you ground to a fuse block. My suggestion is to run two 10 gauge wires to an independent battery source. The sound is great! I added two speakers and recessed mounted the remote. Everyone loves it and thinks I paid a lot more than I did.

Frank Morris

Simple installation and sounds great.

I installed this system in my fishing boat over the weekend and it makes my time on the water so much more enjoyable. The wiring was simple and the instructions can get anyone through the process. It is even louder than I expected. The Bluetooth connected to my Samsung easily and has a nice stable connection. The fm reception was good and I really am impressed with the sound quality as well. I can't find any negatives for this package yet. It just simply works wonderfully. I have a similar setup from this brand on one of my motorcycles and neither have let me down. I wasn't sure about the round receiver but once I set it up I am impressed with the look as well. My little boat rocks and it looks like it was a factory installed option.

Tyler K

Works well

This system has been very impressive so far. I am building up a jeep and wanted some water resistant systems in it since the top will be off frequently and these work perfectly. Very easy to hook up and the water resistance capabilities have been great. Overall I am very pleased with the kit.

Home Showcase Magazine

Also works for golf carts

Installed this in our custom golf cart. Our old (expensive) stereo system quit working so we replaced it with this setup. The install was pretty simple and it sounds great. The added benefit is that I can change the music remotely and it's also waterproof so I don't have to worry about it getting rained on.

salvador ojeda

Great product from a greaatt seller

If you guys are looking to add some tunes to your car,boat,motorcycle or building portable speakers. Then this product is prefect for you, simple wire up and easy to follow instructions... You can also add a subwoofer amp and EQ with just simply understanding wiring... dont be scared to do the swap. (ive installed multiple into boats quads and Off road vehicles)

Jacob McDaniel

Great product for the money

Put these in my duck boat and I’m very impressed so far. The Bluetooth range is about 30-40ft which is plenty for me. The sound quality is also impressive for the price. I can clearly hear my music 200 feet away. And the wiring is super simple if your just using Bluetooth. Just a positive, negative, remote and wore the speakers.

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