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CIBS 2019 - The 24th China (Shanghai) International Boat Show

China (shanghai) International Boat Show 2019 will meet you at National Exhibition and Convention Cente (Shanghai).

The expo will show variety of Marine Products. Sections include boat & yacht, boat accessories and related service. It promises to be a valuable trade platform for boat manufacturers, marine equipment manufacturers, yacht clubs and related water leisure enterprises.

The 24th China (Shanghai) International Boat Show is the most comprehensive and longest established boat & yacht exhibition in China, which covers the whole boating industry chain. The fair will bring together more than 35,000 visitors and over 600 exhibitors from all over the world, along with 5 national pavilions.

It is the best professional platform for marine industry participants to meet, network, source new suppliers, build relationships with existing partners and shape the future of the boating industry. CIBS aims to popularize a maritime lifestyle and yachting culture all over the world.

CIBS is the only Chinese member of IFBSO, recognized globally in its field.

The fair is also co-located The Life Style Show 2019 and CPHI & FIA to showcase a complete offering of the leisure, recreation and luxury industries.

CIBS 2019 by the numbers:

35 061 visitors

609 exhibitors

55 000 square meters of exhibition area

Key product categories to be presented:

Boats: yachts, high speed boats, power boats, work boats, sailing boats

Equipment and Accessories: supporting equipment & transmission equipment, spare parts & engines, drives, propulsion systems, dock equipment, yacht related services, trailers and accessories

Water Sports: canoeing, inflatable boats, paddles, windsurfing, water skiing, surf, rubber boats, goggles, diving suits, swimsuits, wakeboarding, waterproof bags, sports bottles

Lure Fishing: lure bases, lure fishing baits, lure equipment, lure boats, lure propellers, lure detectors

RV Camping: RV, accessories and supplies, camping site planning and services, outdoor gear & camping equipment

Themed Travel: scenic spots and attractions, tourism organizations, theme travel, tourism finance products, customized travel

Well-fitness: food, medical care, daily care, sports

Parent-child Recreation: monthly clubhouses, early education, family trips, children’s products, entertainment facilities

Elite Lifestyle: overseas investment, overseas property, jewellery & art, haute couture

CIBS 2019 visitors are:

Buyers, end users

Property developers, corporate buyers

Manufacturers of leisure finished boats, equipment, electronics, components and accessories

Distributers, agents of leisure finished boats, equipment, electronics, components and accessories

Naval architects, designers

Governments, research institutions

Financiers, financial institutions

Training, sea schools



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