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Outdoor waterproof sound box

Outdoor waterproof speakers of community, community outdoor waterproof speakers sound, the modern science and technology of shenzhen electronics co., LTD., outdoor landscape district outdoor waterproof speakers sound, outdoor waterproof outdoor speaker simulation stone, park garden plot is special, the grass lawn acoustics speaker, plot lawn speaker manufacturer, the simulation of outdoor lawn acoustics quotation, plot mushroom speaker manufacturer, the monitoring area outdoor waterproof speakers sound, outdoor monitoring area outdoor waterproof speakers sound, monitoring waterproof box area outdoor waterproof speakers sound power supply waterproof outdoor waterproof speakers sound. This product is made of ten fold profiles, its appearance is elegant, good compatibility, perfect ventilation design, improve the stability of network equipment operation. The cabinet adopts a frame with 10% folded profiles welded together. The symmetry of the internal mounting parts ensures that the cabinet has the maximum available internal volume.

 Can be combined with the cabinet, it has efficient and strong and cabinet connectors, can be all-round operation and multi-view maintenance. Therefore, the product has more space, better flexibility and disassembly, better safety and reliability, to ensure the safety and convenience of users. BORUI series console and TV wall refer to the appearance and design requirements of foreign products and computer room engineering, and the structural design idea follows the requirements of ergonomics, reflecting the features of practical, beautiful and convenient installation. The frame of TV wall is made of aluminium alloy profile or common profile. The structure design adopts the design concept of fully assembled structure, which is beneficial to the processing and mass production and improves the product quality. On the other hand, it is convenient for rapid field installation and transportation. Our goal: top quality products, high precision and professional after-sales service, high-quality integrity team.

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