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Build the sound system of 10 million yuan class medium-sized private luxury yacht

Yacht (yacht) is a leisure oriented water vehicle, mostly used for private entertainment and sports, with sails or power propulsion. Most yachts range in length from 32 to 35 feet (10 to 11 meters) to more than 100 feet (34 meters), which can be called a m egayacht, or a super yacht over 200 feet (70 meters). In developed country, houseboat resembles car to be had for private more, and in developing country, houseboat serves as park, the management project of tourist attraction more for people consumption, a few also serve as the job means of harbor inspect, public security, border defence.



The price of houseboat differs from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions, price of large and luxurious houseboat is general 10 million yuan, medium houseboat is in 2 million above, small houseboat arrives from hundreds of thousands to 2 million between, as the dimension of houseboat, inside decorate luxurious level increase, the price also grows subsequently. The price distinction of different houseboat producing area, say the houseboat that Taiwan produces commonly is the 2/3 of the houseboat price that the United States produces, it is the half of Italy, the houseboat price of England is higher.

The yacht, which was built with the help of weiler technology, feels comfortable, although the ground shows no sign of slipping on a rainy day. Indoor light won't make indoor have muggy feeling, and establishment is all ready. The space is compact with exquisite decoration. There are not only large salons, open-air bar, V IP guest rooms and master rooms, but also a study, crew room, kitchen, laundry room and so on.

In the audio configuration, the company selected the latest 2015 small wire array speaker. Also known as the new concept home professional cinema line array speaker! Why choose such a speaker? Company headquarters engineers consider yachts to be luxury yachts built for the vast ocean, comparable to the top apartments. Yacht is a private business negotiation, recreation use. The new concept of home professional cinema line array speaker is for luxury business negotiations, recreation and entertainment!

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