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Talk about how to eliminate the noise of the speaker

Why do I always hear the noise in my listening box? From the beginning of the sound box, the bottom noise has been a thorny problem for a long time. The following article can help you find the equipment that causes the noise and find ways to eliminate it. Noise is defined as noise of many kinds, with different causes and manifestations. Therefore, it is necessary to classify noise. The following are some common noises in audio equipment, and briefly describe their causes and solutions.



There are many kinds of noise, and their causes and manifestations vary. Therefore, it is necessary to classify noise. The following are some common noises in audio equipment, and briefly describe their causes and solutions.


1. White Noise

White noise is a random noise in the full frequency domain that sounds like a continuous hiss, similar to the sound of a snowflake when there is no TV signal. White noise is usually caused by a gain device or amplifier in the device, and if the volume is set too high, it can easily produce a noticeable noise. Check the output volume of the sound card, the software, and the speaker box to make sure that each link is not overloaded. PS: highly sensitive microphones, such as condenser mic, can pick up the noise that can hardly be heard by human ears in the room environment, such as air conditioner, outdoor noise, wind, etc. Don't ignore the effects of ambient noise when recording.


2, digital distortion

Digital distortions tend to create a jarring "buzz" that doesn't really sound like a natural sound. Generally, it will vary depending on the process the computer is using. For example, when different software or effectors are used, the digital distortion will change accordingly. Digital distortion is usually caused by some problem with the sound card, or by listening to the speaker connected to the computer in the same socket. Make sure that the power to your listening speaker or other playback device (such as the listening controller) is connected to a separate power outlet from other digital devices such as your computer. Or use a quality power adapter.


3. Feedback the noise

Feedback is usually due to the microphone is too close to the speaker, the microphone will pick up the sound of the speaker and self-excitation. At this point there will be a piercing high frequency noise, watch some small bands play tuning, often appear in the noise. The solution is to put on headphones instead of listening to the speaker when recording, so that the microphone will not pick up the sound of the speaker to generate self-excitation. When there is no condition to use earphones for performance or performance, you can stay away from the speaker and turn down the microphone gain.


4, a crackling noise

These sounds are usually divided into two types: random crackling, most likely due to software parameter Settings. Increasing the Buffer Size should do the trick. Two is the rhythm of the crackle sound, such as half a second crackle once, this may be damaged sound card or drive is not installed correctly. Solutions such crackling noise is often caused by incompatible software or drivers on the sound card. For example, the Buffer Size is set too low, bluetooth or wireless devices are connected to the system, or software compatibility is not good. Can inquire the relevant content of the software compatibility of sound card on official website, see oneself computer does not have the lower requirement that sound card needs. If you have this kind of noise coming from your speakers, try unplugging the speakers and plugging in your headphones to determine where the noise is coming from.

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